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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> arthel: hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. nice to be with you. thank you for joining us. topping the news this saturday afternoon, we're remembering betty ford. brand-new reaction to the death of an american icon and the shah -- who shattered taboos and got our nation to face critical issues. >> arthel: after severe storms caused trouble for millions of american, heavy duty summer heat moves in and keeps air conditioners on way up high. we'll have a live report on that. >> rick: also we'll talk about the nation's sputtering economy affecting millions of pet owners. "consumer reports" will be here with some great bargains to keep costs down without depriving man's best friend.
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>> arthel: we begin with the debt ceiling battle raging on capitol hill. president obama huddling with advisors today at camp david. before hold ago new round of high level talks tomorrow at the white house, hoping to find some common ground on the looming budget crisis, but with sharp divisions over tax hikes and benefit cuts, will we see the grand bargain that the president is calling for? caroline shively live in washington. the question is, what happens if we miss the august deadline to raise the debt ceiling? >> hi. basically the nation will run out of money to pay its bills. and that would snowball into a financial mess around the globe. listen to house minority whip, steny hoyer. >> every economist that i talked to says that interest rates are going to spike, stock markets going to be at risk, and very frankly, millions of people who have pension funds and who have interest in their pensions are
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going to be adversely affected. >> that's why negotiators are meeting again at the white house tomorrow. but they can't wait until that august 2 deadline. they need an answer within days of right now to give congress about three weeks to write, tweak and pass the bill to raise that debt ceiling. arthel? >> arthel: before they get to that vote, they have to agree on cutting the deficit, so there is got to be sticking points there, right? >> definitely. john boehner agrees with the president, that they'd like to cut $4 trillion over ten years. in fact, republicans say for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised, they want a dollar cut from spending. they do not want the money to come from tax increases. house majority leader eric cantor said the republicans have a proposal in place. >> we come to the table right now as we approach this debt ceiling vote, with a well thought out deliberative plan to get people back to work while we get the fiscal house in order.
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>> democrats say that plan comes on the backs of seniors and the sick. one thing it eventually eliminates medicare as we know it. republicans are looking at closing tax loopholes. they say in this economy, no way. arthel, back to you. >> arthel: we'll debate this issue a little later this hour. thanks a lot. >> rick: it's not just the federal government facing massive debt, u.s. consumers are racking it up. just to stay afloat, according to a new report from the federal reserve, americans increased their debt for the eighth straight month in may, pushing total consumer credit to almost 2 1/2 trillion dollars. that's up nearly 2% from a four-year low back in september. the u.s. job market grinding to a halt last month. unemployment rising to 9.2%. we got that news yesterday. the news is especially grim for our nation's hard hit urban areas. a new report saying the vast majority of them will not
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recover from those jobs that have been lost for years. but at least one city is bucking the trend, the big apple more than holding its own. laura ingle live with us. >> according to the report we mentioned, one in seven metro areas across the nation will not reach pre-recession employment levels until at least 2020. metro areas have traditionally been the engines of u.s. economic growth, producing 85% of the country's jobs. and with slow growth expected in cities over the next decade, it does not bode well for the u.s. economy. california, the southwest, and florida are expected to struggle as housing continues to be a problem. while manufacturing is picking up, cities around the great lakes will suffer for years to come. >> unfortunately, those places were also hit very, very hard during the recession, so they've got a long way to come back and they probably won't recover, or the jobs they had before the
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recession for another decade or more. >> this new report put out by the u.s. conference of mayors shows there is one bright spot. that is new york city, which expects to be back at pre-recession employment levels by 2013, an industry booming in the big apple, it tech and internet companies. on top of giants like google and facebook, start-ups are thriving in the city. one such company is four square, a social networking phone app that allows its 10 million users to check in and meet up at different locations. they recently raised $50 million from investors and are looking to double their work force in the next year. something they say would not have happened outside new york. >> new york is the home of everything. they've got every industry here. i think that's really helped out four square because we've been able to work with brands and we've been able to work with all different types of industries, from sports, fashion, to finance and it's all here in new york. so we really leverage that and we've been able to get our product in front of a very
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diverse user base. >> that's a great area of opportunity to tell you about. all of the tech companies that we talked to for the story had the same message. they are hiring and looking for talented workers. at least here in new york city. >> rick: laura ingle, thanks. >> arthel: the nation is remembering a true role model of courage, former first lady betty ford passing away at 93. she was an inspiration for millions of americans, overcoming alcohol and drug addiction, then helping to bring treatment for both into the spotlight. peter doocy has a look back at her life and legacy. >> betty ford once said in an interview that if she had known her future husband was even going to run for congress, she doesn't think she would have married him. of course, gerald ford did end up running for congress and becoming president of the united states. along the way, his wife touched a lot of lives. the big part of her legacy will be openness. she was very open about her struggles with drugs and alcohol, which inspired the betty ford clinic out in california and inspired over
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90,000 people to get help there. president obama says, quote, while her death is a cause tore sadness, we know organizations such as the betty ford center will honor her legacy by giving countless americans a new lease on life. many celebrities like johnny cash, elizabeth taylor and lindsay lohan have spent time at that rehab center, whose namesake served as a symbol of strength for women across america in the '70s when she was again very open about her breast cancer treatment. her family says, quote, mother's love, candor, devotion and laughter enriched our lives and the lives of millions she touched throughout this great nation. to be in her presence was to know the warmth of a truly great lady. since betty ford thought she was marrying a lawyer who wanted to live in michigan at the start of their 58 year marriage, it's safe to say she never thought she would be giving her husband's concession speech when he lost his voice after he lost an election. but that's what she did in 1976. here she is reciting the telegram her husband sent to president-elect. >> dear jimmy, it is apparent
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now that you have won our long and intense struggle for presidency. i congratulate you on your victory. >> after services in california, betty ford will be buried in grand rapids, michigan, next to her husband. arthel? >> arthel: peter doocy in washington, thanks. >> rick: and right now, tributes honoring the life of the former first lady pouring in from the people who knew her best and from those whose lives she helped change forever. former president george h.w. bush releasing a statement saying, quote, barbara and i loved betty ford very much. she was a wonderful wife and mother, a great friend and a courageous first lady. no one confronted life's struggles with more fortitude or honesty and as a result, we all learned from the challenges she faced. and widespread reaction today from ordinary americans. >> i remember as a young man particularly when she came forward with her cancer, her breast cancer, and it was kind of an opening event at that time
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and my mother-in-law, my mother, many women, i think, sought treatment and were helped by the fact that she kind of broke the ice on that whole topic. we're going to really miss her. >> she was a pioneer in being honest about her addiction and, you know, if it hadn't been for her, the betty ford center would not be what it is today. >> i'm a cancer survivor, as she is, too. and it's shocking. she was just a fabulous lady. fabulous. we're all going to miss her. >> rick: and as peter doocy reported, betty ford will be buried next to her husband in grand rapids, michigan. she was 93 years old. >> arthel: dramatic new developments in the fighting that's raging in libya. rebel forces dodging rocket and machine gun fire on the front lines and pushing closer to the capital of tripoli than ever
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before. nato says its war planes took out a site used by gadhafi forces to launch missiles at civilians. leeland vitter streaming live. >> that nato air strike, of course, is one of many, but it certainly is one that is a welcome site here in misrata because over the past weeks that we have been here, there have been rockets coming into the various parts of town, especially the port, which is about five or six miles here over my left shoulder. the front lines have moved out a little bit further, which gives gadhafi's forces less civilian population to continue to pound the -- for the rebels, they're running a little low on ammunition, but still the men on the front lines are fighting with whatever they have. the pile nearly 20 feet high, the sand berm along this desert road to tripoli, gives these citizen soldiers their only
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cover as they try to push forward. we shielded ourselves behind a shipping container and then moved up to the very front line. this is the tip of the spear for the rebels and on the front line, there is a heavy exchange of fire. you get a sense of how fierce the battle is by how much ammunition has been expended here. you're hearing incoming and outgoing grad rockets that make a large explosion. the problem for the rebels is that they are fighting with pick up trucks and machine guns against gadhafi, who has heavy armor and no problem using it against these citizen soldiers. driving to the front line is a challenge. bumpy roads in the back of old pickups as rebel fighters head off. just a couple of days ago, gadhafi forces controlled this part of the road. now burned out tanks sit along the way. at the front, oftentimes incoming fire lands behind us as gadhafi forces try to zero in their mortars. that bang you just heard is right there.
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that's where it landed, the grad rocket came in just about 50 meters from where we are. that is just how close things are here out on this battlefield. gadhafi's armor is taking absolutely no prisoners as he continues to try to pound these guys. he just said god's grace. that's what they say when they're not hit by incoming fire and now they're pushing forward. the front line is now right on the outskirts of the next town here to our west, which is certainly a welcome place for these rebels to be. it's important to understand, though, every single mile that they push out is paid for in blood. a lot of these fighters are not the walking wounded that we've talked to, but actually the fighting wounded. there was a number of men up there on the front lines today who not only had bandages on their arms and also on their legs and shoulders and bodies, and they said very simply that not only are they fighting for their lives, but their families' lives and if they can walk, if they can still pick up a gun, they will be out there. arthel, back to you. >> arthel: talk about courage,
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thank you very much. >> rick: chilling details on the deadly government crack down in syria. soldiers defecting from the syrian army say they were ordered to shoot and kill unarmed civilians. we're also hearing that a surprise visit from a u.s. ambassador is setting off a new string of arrests there. rina has more. >> we were waiting to see what would happen in syria following a visit by the u.s. ambassador. it appears that people were once again arrested. take a look at this new video from a popular web site that shows people being rounded up and even fired at. the video claims to have been shot in homes. commanders reportedly told their security forces they're fighting terrorists and ordered them to fire into the protesters even after they discovered the protesters were unarmed. the allegations were made by the human rights watch. it interviewed defectors from the syrian army as well as
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security agencyies. on friday, u.s. ambassador to syria, robert ford, came to hamas, as a sign of solidarity for the protesters. he was greeted with flowers and a lot of excitement from the demonstrators. large crowds of protesters gathered to speak out against the syrian government. state tv criticized the visit. one of the headlines the read, syrians are angry. the syrian government says the unauthorized government is proof that washington is trying to stir up the violence. the state department called the charge, quote, absolute rubbish. rick? >> rick: thanks. >> arthel: weather now, a powerful storm system slamming one east coast community. trees and power lines, crews rushing to put out a handful of fires with heavy rain, creating flooding in the blink of an eye.
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maria molina is live. i understand there is a chance of more bad weather for the nation tonight? >> more bad weather for the nation tonight across portions of the plains. that's because of a new storm system and ahead of that storm, we're actually looking at a lot of heat today. current temperatures across parts of the south and also across the mid and lower mississippi valleys, are well into the 90s. 99 current temperature in the city of dallas, texas. factor in the humidity and now we're talking about dangerously hot conditions. the feels like right now, 100 degrees in memphis. 102 in new orleans. 101 in dallas. once you start looking at temperatures in this range or heat index in these ranges, you really need to start remembering to stay hydrated, as well as wearing appropriate clothing like loose clothing or light colored clothing. if you wear dark colored. >> that will attract more sunshine. there are heat advisoryies stretching across the country. these are the areas that we're watching for you.
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extremely hot conditions. not just for today, but as we head into sunday and the first half of next week. north of this, there is a storm system that will be producing some severe weather tonight, stretching from portions of colorado, eastern colorado, up in through western portions of the state of wisconsin, main concerns here are that large hail and also damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. we can not rule out isolated tornadoes. that's another concern. that moisture is slowly creeping out of the rockies into portions of the plains. two severe thunderstorm watches in effect through tonight and two warnings with two thunderstorms. right now we do not have tornado warnings. these warnings are mostly because of those damaging wind gusts that could develop and then as we head into tomorrow, main threat against portions of the plains. >> arthel: it never let's up in the weather department. my word. >> this is weird. this storm system is unusually strong there are this time of year. >> arthel: all righty. thank you very much. >> rick: hope everybody is careful with the weather. also, when we come back, are you
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careful with your retirement savings? the 401(k), millions of americans rely on them to save their retirement, but is it actually keeping you from saving enough? >> arthel: good question. the crew of space shuttle atlantis conducting a crucial test on their first full day in space. the latest on the final shuttle mission ever. >> rick: also a terrifying scene in ohio when a boy three years old plunges into a 40-foot well. we'll have the story. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein...
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>> rick: fox news alert. president obama spending the second weekend in a row at camp david in maryland and for the
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second weekend in a row, fighter jets had to be scrambled with an aircraft crossed into restricted air space. around 12:15 in the afternoon local time, two f 15 e fighters under the direction of norad intercepted a general aviation aircraft. the aircraft was out of radio communication. it was interest septembered -- intercepted intercepted and guided out, landing without incident. the same thing happened last weekend when a small plane launched into camp david's air space. it was cut off and guided to a landing strip nearby once again without incident. so similar situations happening two weekends in a row, while the president visiting camp david. >> arthel: time for a quick check of the headlines. history is made at yankees stadium. derek jeter getting career hit number 3,000. becoming the only yankee to ever reach that milestone. former super bowl mvp and
6:22 pm
reigning "dancing with the stars" champion hines ward arrested this morning, accused of driving under the influence near atlanta. tomorrow the atlantis is expected expect dock with the international space station. "wall street journal" exposing a major problem with your 401(k) plan this week. the issue? a 2006 law making it possible for employers to automatically enroll workers in the program rather than giving them the option of signing up or not. now it turns out the plan may be preventing americans from saving enough. here to explain is the president of private well strategies. i thought this was an idea to help workers save more. what's going on? >> i think it is an idea to help workers save more, rick. remember, the auto enrollment process means let's say you're a new hire in a company and you're automatically enrolled in a
6:23 pm
401(k) plan. at the automatic enrollment rate of 3%. the big thing here is you do not have to stay at 3%. the company cannot tell you how much you can save. the savings of the limits -- the limits are set by the irs. it's $16,500 for 2011. if you're over 50, you can save an additional 5500. >> rick: so what's happening is people are being enrolled automatically at 3%, but then they're staying at that 3%, they're never bumping it up to the savings rates that are actually recommended? >> it's so true. i've been a financial advisor for 18 years. and the decision of people, you say, how come you don't look at it -- it has nothing to do with how much you make, nothing to do with how young or old you are. i have found no rhyme or reason, but many, many, many people
6:24 pm
simply don't look at it. it's a very important topic. it's a great time to look at it. it's just starting the second half of the year. get a pen and paper and say, do i know how much i'm saving in my 401(k)? >> rick: it's unbelievable when people don't take advantage of these things. there are tax benefits, a lot of times your company will match a certain amount of your contribution. to not take advantage of that is a no brainer, isn't it? >> it is a new brainer. let's face it, for many americans, myself included, it's very important to have what's called a forced savings vehicle. many americans, when they get the paycheck, what they take home, they feel like that's what they can spend. so if your 401(k) contribution comes out of your salary pretax, it doesn't get to your paycheck, it's a forced savings. it's critical. as you said, many employers
6:25 pm
match how much you make. you must learn how much that is. 'cause that's free money. don't pass that up. >> rick: my first job, my parents made it very clear to me that i didn't have a choice in the matter. they said, pay yourself first. pay yourself first. that's the rule. and contribute as much as you legally can to the 401(k). good advice, michael, good to talk to you as always. >> thank you, sir. thanks for having me. >> arthel: good advice from your parents. moving on to a dramatic rescue in ohio, a three-year-old boy surviving after falling 40 feet into a well. take a look and you'll see him there in the lower left corner of the screen on a stretcher being checked out by ems workers. his hero dad acting like a real life spiderman, scaling down concrete walls to reach him. the young boy having to tread some ten feet of water until his dad got there, and firefighters eventually hoisted the boy to safety, but the dad climbed out
6:26 pm
of the well. >> rick: wow. quite a story. stunning comments today from the brand-new secretary of defense, leon panetta. how close he thinks we are now to wiping out al-qaeda. you may be surprised. >> arthel: also a very busy saturday for the republican presidential hopefuls. what the gop candidates are doing today to try to win over voters. >> rick: check out this new guiness new record by a company in missouri. what it took to make the world's largest did you go biscuit. -- dog biscuit. and the special pets that get to join in the fun. ananananannounc] the network.
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>> rick: thanks for spending part of your saturday with us. it's the bottom of the hour. president obama calling top congressional leaders to the
6:30 pm
white house. they'll go there tomorrow to talk about the debt crisis. house speaker john boehner comparing the battle to a rubik's cube, saying they haven't worked things out yet. >> arthel: betty ford, who inspired with her off the cuff style and triumph over addiction, passed away yesterday at the age of 93. >> rick: thousands celebrating the birth of a brand-new nation. south sudan becoming a new country after some 50 years and two bloody civil wars. >> arthel: as we head toward the debt ceiling deadline, the "washington post" now reporting senate democrats may have a sweeping debt reduction plan on tap. reportedly cutting $4 trillion and spending over the next decade. primarily through big cuts in defense spending and tax hikes on millionaires. but leaving medicare and social security untouched. so will this fly in this hyper
6:31 pm
partisan issue? here now, doug schoen and former spokesman for florida governor, jeb bush, justin. good to see you. doug, i'm starting with you. if medicare -- are they completely untouchable, and if so, how are they going to entice republicans to the table of compromise? >> i don't think they're untouchable. the president himself has made it clear that they're on the table. i think there is a lot in the senate democrats' proposal that's beneficial. the $4 trillion in cuts, the cuts to defense and discretionary spending. i think we're moving in the right direction and as speaker boehner said, it's a rubik's cube and to get it right will be a challenge. this is a definite step in the right direction. >> arthel: justin, the senate democrats are saying we can skim the $4 trillion from debt reduction with sharp cuts in defense spending, into other
6:32 pm
government agencies, plus raise $2 trillion mainly by taxing families making more than a million dollars a year. so i ask you, are you okay with that proposal? >> well, i just find it it so remarkable that the democrats in the senate haven't passed a budget in two years and now all of a sudden, once you have a lot of members of congress, members of the senate, senators like marco rubio or allen west from florida supported by the tea party, all of a sudden senate democrats want to cut the deficit by $4 trillion. it's remarkable. but i agree with doug. it's a step in the right direction. the problem is democrats thirst for more taxes is so unquenchable that even when you have unemployment going up as we saw yesterday, they want to slurp more money from the private sector and bring it into government. that doesn't make sense and that's going to be a tough sell with a lot of republicans when you have unemployment going up the way it is. >> arthel: doug, what do you say? >> what i say is that we've got
6:33 pm
to do something on the revenue side, the democrats have made that absolutely clear. it's good that the republicans, particularly majority leader cantor have moved in the direction that the president wants to go, which is to get rid of the loopholes and the tax expenditures and potentially do something to lower corporate tax rates. that's all very, very positive and we're going to have to bridge the gap between the two parties. i suspect that tacking the rich is going to be ultimately off the table, but we're getting closer. >> arthel: clearly closer, but not there yet. bottom line, america wants to know what is it going to take to get to a resolution if it's going to be met by august 2 and ultimately, they want to know how and when that will manifest in jobs? who wants to take that? >> i'll take it. i think first we need to give the markets confidence that we can balance -- move it toward balancing the budget and extend the debt ceiling. we've got to do that. i think if we can reduce tax
6:34 pm
rates, particularly on corporations so they bring some cash home and create some jobs, that's to the good. i think then we have to work together on a bipartisan basis for a plan that will stimulate the economy, rebuild the infrastructure, and put people to work. >> arthel: justin, is this just talk at this point? >> no. it's not talk. it's real. it's legitimate. i think the parties are making an effort. i think the fact that president obama has allowed or people are leaking the fact that he may be open to a grand bargain and wants to do one that would include entitlement reform is a step in the right direction. but i think that's the reason the senate democrats wanted to show him a plan that wouldn't touch entitlements because they want to continue to demagogue that issue against republicans in the 2012 election. so it's really interesting that the president's interest in getting reelected are a little bit different from the congressional democrats' interest in terms of what they want to have as an issue to help get more democrats elected to congress in 2012. the issue i'm watching closely
6:35 pm
is the relationship between the congressional democrats and president obama in his negotiators. >> arthel: quickly, i've got to jump in with this because we're running out of time. justin, apparently, according to the plan obtained by the "washington post," what the senate democrats are proposing is apparently different from what speaker boehner and other leaders have been discussing. so how is it going to go over? >> well, that's my point. i think that the fact that the senate democrats are trying to inject this plan really out of nowhere because they're concerned about the direction that the president has taken with speaker boehner and trying to come up with a grand compromise that will have long-term government spending reduction, and so i think that's what the democrats are trying to do, to influence the president's negotiating posture. >> arthel: doug, you get the final word? >> my take is, we've got the senate democrats and the white house committed to $4 trillion in cuts. that's huge. they're -- there are clearly differences between the senate democrats and the white house
6:36 pm
but ultimately if we move in the right direction, we cut discretionary spending and defense, we can get that deal by the july 22. >> arthel: you believe politics can be pushed aside? >> i hope so and in this case i believe we will. >> arthel: doug schoen and justin, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> rick: those who would like to run against president obama in 2012, crisscrossing some key battle ground states today. familiar ground, from michelle bachman, opening her official headquarters in iowa. former utah governor john huntsman bringing his message to the state of florida. sharing coffee and shaking hands with voters before meeting with party leaders. and mccotter taking aim at the competition on twitter. the michigan congressman coming under fire after saying, quote, unemployment rising, people
6:37 pm
struggling in the o obama-romney economy. clarifying his remarks earlier today. >> i think it's pretty evident, we have obama as the champion of big government. we've seen mr. romney as championing the to bail out banks. >> rick: you can follow every twist and turn this election season right on your ipad. search for the fox news channel ipad app, in the itunes store. it's free. it's easy to use and you can customize your own newscast. pretty cool. >> arthel: very cool. this is a sad story here. tragedy at an amusement park. an more than war hero is thrown from a roller coaster and he dies. u.s. army veteran james tom hackemer lost both his legs fighting in iraq. yesterday the 29-year-old was ejected from a 200-foot tall coaster at darien lake theme park in upstate new york. according to the park's web site, the ride of steel climbing 208 feet and reaches speeds over
6:38 pm
70 miles per hour. listen to police describing the horrific accident. >> as far as we can tell right now, there was nothing as far as mechanical or anything with the ride that would have caused the accident. >> so it's safe for people to come? >> there is nothing mechanical, so you think maybe it was a physical issue with his body? >> is that a possibility? it's a possibility, yes. but we can't say that for sure at this point. >> arthel: the theme park confirms local authorities and the experts are investigating how the man fell off the ride. >> rick: tough story. a shocking discovery made inside a tractor-trailer. mexican police finding 82 people stuffed into the back of a truck. the illegal migrant workers, mostly from central america, were traveling in a truck with fake red cross logos. originally the vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation and that's when the human cargo was discovered. the driver told police that he was hired to drive the truck and
6:39 pm
that he had no idea he was transporting people. >> arthel: we're going to go to this now 'cause we all -- talking about this. breaking a world record now, after one of the most devastating tornadoes in u.s. history, it sounds impossible, but pet products of joplin, missouri is doing just that. we are going there. >> rick: we are. >> arthel: the ten-year-old bakery now boasting a 617-pound doggy biscuit. officially breaking the guiness world record. bakers planning to share the fruits of their victory with needy four legged friends. >> break it up and box it and give it to the humane society. so all of our friends at the humane society can share in our celebration with us. >> arthel: here is where the tornado comes in. an april tornado nearly forced bakers to cancel their plans, but they decided to go ahead
6:40 pm
because their hard hit community deserved a good time. indeed it does. >> rick: i like those doggies, with tongues wagging. >> arthel: great personalities. >> rick: no doubt we all love our pets. >> arthel: we do. i have two. but taking care of fido doesn't come cheap. now the folks at "consumer reports" joining us with some tips on how you can pamper your pooch without breaking the bank. >> rick: that's coming up. and then the royals are here. the land of celebrities getting star struck over prince william and the duchess of cambridge. casey stegall with the royal visit to california. hi, casey. >> rick, good to see you. hobnobbing mixed with charity. a polo match underway behind me in santa barbara. we will have all the highlights of the royal visit to california when america's news headquarters continues next. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief.
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[ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tigua [ grunts ] >> rick: to afghanistan where
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defense secretary leon panetta is visiting for the first time since taking the top job at the pentagon. the trip shedding new light on intelligence collected in the raid that killed osama bin laden. the pentagon chief says based on it, the u.s. is now targeting up to 20 key leaders at al-qaeda. we're on the verge of taking out the terror network for good, he says. david piper on the phone from kabul with more. david? >> hi, rick. yes, the newly appointed defense secretary is here in the afghan capitol to see for himself the situation on the ground and he went straight to talk with hamid karzai. the discussions included the draw down of u.s. troops over the next year, 10,000 set to leave this year and more next year. panetta hopes to drive the taliban to peace talks during that period so there can be a reconciliation in this country. the defense secretary was also upbeat about prospects of defeating al-qaeda. the key, he says, is to capture
6:45 pm
or kill the remaining leaders. >> somewhere around 10 to 20 key leaders that between pakistan, yemen, somalia, aqim and north africa, those are -- if we can go after them, i think we really can strategically defeat al-qaeda. >> he also said the targeting of leaders such as the new al-qaeda chief continues to limit their ability to conduct attacks. he said he believes the al-qaeda leader may well be just over the border in pakistan's northwestern tribal areas. and general petraeus, who leaves his post here this month to head the c.i.a., also said today, al-qaeda was on the run, in his opinion. enormous damage is being done to
6:46 pm
the al-qaeda network over the border in pakistan. back to you. >> rick: david piper on the phone from kabul for us. thanks for the update. >> rick: getting the royal treatment, a polo club in california hosting a future king, prince william is taking part in a charity polo match right now and his new bride, the duchess of cambridge is on hand cheering him on. the royal couple mingling with hollywood royalty on their trip to the u.s. casey stegall live in santa barbara. who is ahead? >> rick, first of all, how much do you know about polo, because we are sort of talking amongst us here trying to figure it all out ourselves. right now the score is 0-0. but that is because they're in the beginning of a new chucker, which is known as a game period and prince william is out on the field at the moment and i'm going to get out of the way and show you some live pictures because he's out there in a purple jersey, number 4. basically the objective of polo
6:47 pm
is to score goals against the opposing team. there are two teams of four riders. they have to hold the mallet in their right hand and bounce that wooden ball all around the field. this match started about 45 minutes ago and we've actually heard that in order to play in this game today against the prince, that the riders have paid about $100,000 vip tickets for this event went for 4 grand. there is a lot of high brow folks out here. but it's been interesting to watch and try to figure it all out. we understand that the prince actually is left handed, so it is difficult for him to play polo because you have to use the right hand. but he's doing quite well, rick. >> rick: we just saw him while your camera man panned over. he was number 4, i'm told, in the purple jersey. good time on the prince's part. we appreciate that. talk about the hollywood royalty and that is the actual royalty so far. >> this has been interesting because a lot of these events are star studded and earlier today, there was a red carpet
6:48 pm
out here that we had a chance to be part it. we saw jennifer love hewitt, rob lowe, pat say jack is here -- sajack. last night there was a private dinner held to welcome the royals to california at the consul general's home and that is where they met david beckham and some other high profile celebrities, also politicians and business leaders from the golden state. tonight once this polo match is done, the royal couple will head back to los angeles where they're going to be attending a black tie affair and that is the british academy for film and television arts where people like tom hanks and jlo we're hearing could be there. so certainly hollywood meets royalty. it's been interesting to see it all play out. >> rick: all right. with a front row seat, casey stegall in santa barbara. enjoy the rest of the match. thanks very much. >> you got it. >> rick: let's go out to the plaza where arthel is standing by. >> arthel: hey. the duke and duchess have nothing on this king of canines.
6:49 pm
we'll tell you how to take care of the babies without breaking the bank when we come back. can i get a kiss? hello. you're a sweet boy. we'll be back in a moment, guys. i love you, baby.
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>> rick: almost 80 million american homes -- i couldn't believe this number -- are blessed to have a pet. that includes more than 86 million cats and 78 million doggies like jilly here. but with money tight these days for so many people, the bills of taking care of those animals can run up in a hurry. >> arthel: two dogs and i know. but you can still pamper spot or kitty without burning a hole in your wallet. "consumer reports" has six ways that you can save money and still provide your pet with great care. this is the executive director of "consumer reports." you brought some props, you've got guidelines for us. tell us the number one way that we can save money. >> well, among the pet food you see here, shop around. when we sent out shoppers, we found it varied by as much as 60%. so if you always buy it in the supermarket, don't necessarily do that. look around. you can probably save a lot. >> rick: there are premium brands and then there are some
6:54 pm
lesser expensive brands. does it really matter? >> i was surprised to learn that premium and super premium don't have any real legal definition in terms of nutritional quality. >> arthel: i was surprised that because i want to give my dog the very best. >> spending more doesn't necessarily get awe better food. >> arthel: help us break it down. >> rick: what are we looking at here. some of these brands, this is purina and this says cat food here. you like all of these? >> on all of these you'll find that they all say that they provide complete nutrition for your pet and they meet the standards of a group called afco. so look for that as a minimum in the pet food. that assures you of at least getting a nutritionally appropriate food for your pet. >> arthel: okay. and then also every month we've got to put the flea application on and the other day i about had a heart attack here in new york city because i had run out. i normally order it on-line and i had run out of my flea election and i went to a place,
6:55 pm
no names, $55 for three applications. i almost passed out. how can i avoid those types of costs? >> one -- buy on-line. it's cheaper to buy it on-line. also we have a frontline plus here, which is a popular leading brand. the patent on this medicine just expired, so there will be more competition on the marketplace. that should bring the price down on those. >> rick: a lot of times i know that the vet's office will offer either the flea collars or the food. does it make sense to buy it at the vet's office? >> often not. in particular for medicine. in an emergency you may want to buy the medicine at the vet or for convenience sake of the but if it's a long-term medicine, you can often get it cheaper at a drugstore because a lot of drugs that dogs use is the same as humans use. for $4, you can get a prescription filled. >> rick: what about pet
6:56 pm
insurance? >> arthel: i have pet insurance for both of my dogs. >> rick: is arthel doing the right thing? >> well, when we looked at it, for most people it doesn't pay off. we looked at some real medical histories of dogs and cats. and found out that in most case, you won't come out ahead. the exception is if your dog or cat runs into a really expensive rare ailment, you might be glad you had it. >> arthel: i'm glad i have it. nothing so far too dramatic. >> rick: it's good to know there are ways to save money because everybody who has animals, they love their animals. you all love your animals? >> yeah! >> rick: we got a lot of petters around. this is a tough time for a lot of people. they don't want to feel like they're not doing the very best for their pet. >> arthel: if you want more details, it's in the august issue of "consumer reports" magazine. so we can get it there? >> that's right, or >> rick: thank you. our senior producer here on fox
6:57 pm
who brought chilly in today. >> arthel: that's going to do it for us. stay tuned for fox report. we'll see you next weekend. >> rick: bye-bye. thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! whoa dude. [ male announcer ]et the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet? took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol.
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